Alkar Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Alkar Refrigeration is a family owned company operated by Michael Daly as Managing Director and is committed to the original Directors' beliefs of supplying a quality product to the commercial and industrial refrigeration marketplace. The commitment of our Company to continue servicing our customers is shown by the vision of employing 4 apprentices at any one time together with the extensive refrigeration knowledge of our staff of 26, providing a formidable combination of youth, experience and technology to drive Alkar into the future.

Under the leadership of Michael Daly (Managing Director), David Williams (Customer Service Manager), Stephen Deighton (Sales Manager) and Henry Turk (Operations Manager) who combined have over 100 years of knowledge of Alkar's methods and procedures that have proven so successful, we have earned the industry's respect. Their commitment is to spread this knowledge throughout Australia with the original intentions the Company's founders, Alan and Karl.

An Alkar service van.

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